Hope Aglow Foundation

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Helping the most vulnerable people in our society

We empower the most vulnerable in our community helping them to realize how valuable and powerful they are whilst impacting our environments positively. We reach out to widows, widowers, orphans, survivors of sexual abuse, victims of domestic abuse, victims of female genital mutilation, and homeless individuals.

Poverty Alleviation
What Is New?

World Environment Day! A transformative and enlightening experience at the "Land Restoration, Desertification and Drought Resilience" World Environment Day Symposium. This dynamic event brings together environmental enthusiasts, experts, and change-makers to celebrate our planet and collectively envision a brighter, greener future.


We organize inclusive events for Outreach

Building a healthy society
Skills Acquisition Programme
Poverty Alleviation & Capacity Building


Do you have what it takes to give these young talented  dancers a well-meaning life in entertainment? Life has been unfair to them. 

Snapshots of our life transforming programmes
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Let's join our voices. Let's effect a change. Let's put a smile on people's faces.